Peer-Review Process


Peer review is tasked with assisting the editor in making editorial decisions through editorial communication with the author (Author) so that it can assist the author in improving the paper according to the Reviewer's notes.

Article manuscripts submitted online to the Gici Journal of Finance and Business Journal will be examined by the editorial board regarding template, scope, in-house style, plagiarism. Article manuscripts that meet the requirements according to the focus and scope of the Journal of Gici Journal of Finance and Business will proceed to the review process which will at least be reviewed by a reviewer assigned by the LPPM Institute with a double blind commitment. Reviewers are journal partners from experts from various other universities who are concerned in the field of science and journalism. The editor will send an email to the reviewer via OJS according to the selected manuscript regarding the title and contents of the manuscript, as well as an invitation to log into the journal's website to complete the review process. Reviewers log into the journal's website to agree to review, download manuscripts, post comments, and vote on recommendations. The review process by reviewers is carried out at least in two weeks from the manuscript that has been sent via OJS. The results will be returned to the author (Author) to be followed up again. Papers that meet the requirements will be published in Indonesian.


Review of article manuscripts must be done objectively. It is not permissible to make personal criticism of the author because it is considered inappropriate. The review should express the good and provide views to the author briefly and clearly and clear supporting arguments